Halloween, Work, and just plain Life

Life She Has

So halloween was ok… It was good, but everyone seemed too tired to care about dressing up, minus my 10 year old niece who happens to be something wickedly goth every year. This year she was Snow White after the poison apple but before waking up. So dead Snow White. Sweet…

I haven’t been feeling great at all for the last few days. I am still sore from working last week. I barely do anything I still feel like I worked out like a mad woman! Plus I had some light spotting yesterday and today. It’s dark brown, very light, and no cramps or contractions accompanying so I know it’s just my body yelling at me to take it easy. I have an appointment on Nov 11 and my cervix and placentas will be checked to make sure there is no placenta previa… I have a feeling it’s just one or both of my placentas moving a bit. But still scary!
It will all be ok….
I have to thank God every day for giving us this amazing gift, my two babies. I have a husband that loves me more than anything. I have a family who cares immensely. I have so many good forces rallying around this experience and the two little ones, it will all be ok…
I have very specific ways I want to raise my children. I want them to know they are loved, tell them and show them every day. I want to always speak to them with respect and logic. I want them to learn to respect all living things and Josh and I. I want them to know that I will never be upset with them if they are honest with me, no matter what. I want them to know what it’s like to play outside, have fun being with family, reading, just spending time being a kid….
I know it’s easier said than done, but at least I have a jumping off point….
Life She Has


  1. it’s a good jumping off point..:) remember you are human too and sometimes you stumble, but i know you are going to be an amazing mom! those babies are already so loved…:)

    spotting…as long as it’s brown and not pink or red you should be fine. especially without cramping. if you get nervous, go get checked..;) most likely it is related to placentas shifting as the babies get bigger. the cord and placenta tend to start out laying low and then shift up and over baby’s head as they get bigger. you are just shy of 16 weeks so not unusual to have some irritation with it. taking it easy is a must and i do believe your body is telling you that working is no longer a priority. it’s time to grow a couple of people…growing one is crazy, but two?! you are supermom!

    i love you tons! and yes, i am happy thorns have roses..hehe

  2. i just had to say that i can’t believe you are almost half way through this pregnancy…happy 16 weeks today!!

    *smooches to the buddha belly and to the mommy too*

  3. Wow…your kids have one great mom….you know that? :o)

    Hoping that the spotting doesn’t happen anymore, though it sounds completely harmless…its always pretty nerve wracking!!! I still check the TP periodically!!

  4. I hope you have been feeling better- and that the spotting stopped and you never see any again. I started freaking out about money the other day too- it IS scary to think about going from 0 to 2 kids at the same time, and with cutting back your income on top of it. But just remember, God only gave us what he knew we could handle. Everything’s going to be ok. šŸ™‚

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