So, yeah. I decided to say “screw it” and my blog is again open for business. So for all you new readers or previous readers, welcome (back). I’ve missed you.

A recap on me. I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant with twins – a boy and a girl 🙂 I I couldn’t be happier with this fact and the miracle of IVF which made it possible. We don’t have official names for them yet, but we have a few we are kicking around. Speaking of kicking, my daughter is currently pushing out on my side with her feet. Odd feeling :). These babies will be our first, most likely our last. We are so excited to see our babies 🙂

My complications are gestational diabetes and as of today a shortened and funneling cervix. So it’s bedrest for me for now. The GD isn’t bad, I don’t need insulin, I just need to manage my blood sugar levels. Dr isn’t concerned because it’s really borderline at this point. So basically it’s lots of rest, protein with carbs, and no sweets. No problem.

I have details on all of this in my blog. So enjoy and leave me comments 🙂