So last night was an odd night. Both Dylan and Riley woke up after just over an hour of sleep and were up for nearly 2 hours… to put it in perspective:

  • 8pm – feed babies get them ready for bed.
  • 9pm – put them in bed (still awake)
  • 9:15pm – they are asleep, silly me thinks it will be a typical night.
  • 10pm – both wake up. Each get changed and fed again.
  • 10:45pm – both go back to sleep
  • 12midnight – both wake up. changed/fed
  • 2am – both are STILL awake. I watch DVR tapings of Dancing With the Stars and The Dish. both get changed and fed again. This time I enlist the bottle-propped-up-with-blanket method.
  • 2:30am – finally asleep again after more eating and pooping.
  • 3:45am – both wake up AGAIN. Riley needs to be held. Dylan is happy in his bouncy but I need to bounce it with my foot. He gets pissed if it’s not bouncing like he’s on a rollercoaster… I watch Iron Chef America while patting Riley on the back for an hour. Again the bottle prop method is used…
  • 5:30am – ahh, they are asleep again…
  • 7am – awake. Really?! They eat and get changed for the 6th time in 10 hours.
  • 8:45am – Josh leaves for work. I look like I have been hit by a truck. Babies are both wanting cuddles, but don’t want the other one to have cuddles too.
  • 9:30am – finally asleep again. until 11am.

I tried to pull all of the tricks out from my sleeve. I used their lullaby CD. I utilized the bottle-prop. I tried my hardest to snuggle them both without pissing either one off with the other. I swaddled them. I bounced them.

I think they are going through a growth spurt. I think that’s why they needed 4-6oz of formula each every 2 hours. Seriously, they each ate 20-24 oz each within a ten hour time span. I had prepared 16oz before we went to bed because they almost never go over that. Actually, come to think of it, they never have. They will each take 4oz at 9pm, then 4oz at midnight, then if they both wake in the night they each get another 4oz (although Riley tends to sleep longer so it’s usually Dylan), and then at 6 or 7am they get breakfast and then sleep til noon. Their play time is usually around 3 or so, then again at 7… So last night was definitely out of the norm for them.

Plus they are growing out of clothes on a daily basis. Most of their NB clothes were either worn once or not at all with the exception of a few core onesies and sleepers. Nearly every day I go through their clothes and put things away that don’t fit. Crazy! One of Dylan’s cute outfits went from too big, to just right, to too small in a matter of 4 days. And I mean swimming in it to fat-guy-in-a-little-coat small…

So I am not annoyed by last night’s baby escapades. It’s just sad to see them grow so fast. that must be why Riley needs extra cuddles – I bet it doesn’t feel too good have your little body stretch so quickly to grow…

We had my SIL and her family over for the weekend. It was SO NICE to see them, but the babies got over-stimulated on Saturday and took 3 hours to settle down. BUT I did find a super cute Kenneth Cole jacket for Dylan while out. Riley got a ruffly denim skirt, two tracksuits, and some leggings…

With that, here’s some pictures of “Mr. Pickles” and “Dr. Angel-Face”.

Happy with their new PaciPlushies 🙂
I bought this onesie 2 years ago. And it’s fitting with the sounds he makes waking up and eating!

I finally found a Double Snap-n-Go that I can easily get up and down my staircase, so we took it out for a test drive yesterday. Just me and the babies 🙂
My pretty girl! I made the little flower in her hair to match her outfit 🙂

My chunk of a man in his cool Lucky Brand tee. He looks like a miniature version of his daddy here. Only his daddy’s cheeks aren’t nearly as chubby. Ok, not at all chubby.

That look is gonna get her whatever she wants. Or in trouble. One of the two…

Having a little snuggle session with mommy…