Great Grocery Challenge – January Week 4

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Ok here’s this week’s haul!!
Amount SPENT:
Amount SAVED:
This has been my best week ever. By far. I made my $80 goal, I kept my family well fed, and I even stocked up in a few things….
Today I have saved around $250 and have spent around $68. I plan on using my Register Rewards that I made today ($48 in credits) for etc stuff like milk and such. I may have to pick up a little bit at Safeway but I don’t see it happening.
This next week starts a new month in The Great Grocery Challenge. If you are reading this I challenge you to make a grocery budget and see if you can stick to it. I am going to try to beat my average of $380/month. I am shooting for $300 which means $75 per week. I can do that.
What about you?

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Life She Has


  1. Say what, a budget? I so need a grocery budget!!! How would one go about deciding on how much they want to set their goal at vs the number of mouths to feed in the home?
    ūüėČ Casey Marie

  2. Best thing to do in my opinion is to gather all receipts or totals for a week or month to assess how much you spend. Then start cutting away at that number – for instance if you find you spent $140 last week see if you can cut that to $120 this week. It’s not necessarily shopping and buying less, it’s figuring out how to pay less for the things you are buying! I highly recommend the book How To Shop For Free by Kathy Spencer – it explains it all so easily!

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