A new program was launched with Pompeian Olive Oil and award-winning cook Kristina Vanni called #AskPompeian.
We recently surveyed 1,000 Americans asking when they’d be most likely be trying new recipes and the results were interesting:
  • 33% of people are most likely to try a new recipe on Saturday
  • 38% of consumers are most likely to try making a new recipe between 3pm-5pm
  • and 52% are most likely to try a new recipe when cooking for themselves
So from 3pm-5pm for the next three Saturdays (July 12, 19, 26) Kristina Vanni will be taking over the @PompeianOils Twitter handle to answer consumers questions about recipes, from how to perfect the one dish they’ve been working on to what type of olive oil works best for a Cobb salad. You can check out Kristina’s blog here!
If you have any questions for Kristina or Pompeian be sure to ask on Twitter!