If you ever watched the TV show Friends you may remember one of the characters Joey Tribbiani and his love of sandwiches.

Thanks NBC and Tumblr :)
Thanks NBC and Tumblr

I personally think sandwiches are ah-mazing. You can make ANYTHING into a sandwich. sweet, savory, hot & toasty, or fridge-cold, nothing beats a good sandwich. I love that Good Cook has so many awesome sandwich gadgets. I mean, think about it – how many sandwiches do YOU make a month? A week? Heck, a DAY? For me a PB&J is the go-to lunch for my kiddos. They are getting some protein in the peanut butter, but a sweetness in the jelly, plus some energy-giving carbs in the bread. Best of all? Portable!


Goodcook3I need to share my absolute FAVORITE sandwich with you and tell you how much I love the Good Cook Complete Sandwich Kit. The knife – purple! Yay for FUN cutlery colors! There’s only so much silver I can take! And one of my favorites is the Slice Precise Slicing Aid – it has a multitude of uses. Use it for slicing tomatoes, potatoes for homemade chips, or perfect apple slices.

Ok, enough – on with the sandwich!!


The Perfect Turkey Sandwich




  • Bread (toasted)
  • Turkey (I used Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh, but use your favorite)
  • Roma tomato
  • Cream Cheese
  • Romaine lettuce
  • Cranberry sauce


Start by spreading a layer of cream cheese and a layer of cranberry sauce on one piece of toasted bread. Add 4 slices of turkey, sliced tomatoes, a fresh leaf of lettuce, and smear the other slice with more cream cheese.



And now.. a Giveaway!!

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