Warning – this post shows dangerous working conditions and food handling. Reader discretion advised.



I came across a post that I was utterly APPALLED at – photos of the back room and kitchen of a Golden Corral restaurant. See for yourself:

Corral1 corral2 corral3 corral4

While this *may* be an isolated case of pure neglect for sanitation and health issues, there is another YouTube about the sanitation issues at Golden Corral in Port Orange, FL:

And this:

(thanks to Ben Jammin for posting these)

While I don’t have a Golden Corral anywhere near me (thank God!), there is absolutely NO WAY I would ever eat at any while traveling, nor would I want my family, friends, or readers to. This is absolutely disgusting. I can only assume that since these are apparently two different locations practicing filthy and dangerous food practices the company may very well have bad and dangerous food practices across the hundreds of locations.

Just a warning – unless you want food poisoning I would caution heading to Golden Corral in the future.

*photos courtesy of Imgur