So I was asked (told) to take over a store in downtown Portland.. It’s a good thing because:

  • I get to go into a boutique-ey retail store. High end. Fancy schmancy. NOT factory/outlet.
  • I get to really work with the clients instead of selling last year’s$9 tee shirts to 14 year olds.
  • I can take the MAX train to work. Nice!!
  • Much closer to my Dr’s office

THE Cons:

  • I got comfortable at my store.
  • I will have a whole new staff. So new challenges.
  • I have been bonusing every month. It’s difficult to do that at retail stores.
  • I am gonna miss my staff. Especially a couple of my managers. I can count on them for everything…

So it’s a good thing overall. The manager there is taking my store. So it’s a lateral move so no more $$$ She feel the same way. Happy for a change, happy for a job, but a little bit weirded out by it. The change is effective in a week….

On to IVF news. Well, no real news other than I go to my second class on Tuesday and I have a post-op visit Wednesday morning. I will find out then what day I start my suppression.

I am now comtemplating going to the beach today. It’s a cold, blustery, rainy day, which Josh and I love…. one problem? Dogs have ear infections from the heat wave last week and ocean water will only make them worse… but they do have drops so I think we will risk it…. I can’t miss an opportunity to relax and look at the ocean….