My sweet daughter Riley loves to eat. She will eat anything I give her – we often call her out “eating machine”. Her favorite? Sweet and juicy fruit (parenting WIN!). I often get her a big bag of Wonderful Halos mandarins and she can through a bag within a day or two (I’m not kidding).


She was pretty darned excited to get a package practically made for her from our friends at Wonderful which was filled with goodies such as a baseball cap, sunglasses, a light-up cup, and of course a big bag of Halos mandarins! She had everything in there that she loved and promptly dug straight into it to get some Halos out for her to eat. Wonderful Halos give families, and their little angels, a healthy snack alternative that’s filled with “pure goodness.”

halo 2

Wonderful Halos mandarins are:

  • A sweet, seedless and easy to peel snack that’s a healthy alternative to fatty foods
  • About 50 calories delivering 45 percent of the recommended daily value of vitamin C

She often has at least one before school. Then another on the way to school. Then usually one or two more before class starts. She loves her Halos! The bag was gone within a day between her and her brother, but luckily she has some lasting fun with the other goodies.

halo 4

Now is your chance to get a basket of Wonderful Halos mandarins branded products along with some Halos for your own!

halo 3

Included is a Bag of Wonderful Halos mandarins plus branded products such as:

  • sunglasses
  • lip balm
  • baseball cap
  • lunch bag
  • light-up cup
  • drawstring backpack

Giveaway ends 1/22/2016 at 11:59pst. Open to readers in the US, 18 and older. Good Luck!

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