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Every woman I know would LOVE to own a purse that holds wine! Let’s be real for a moment, moms like wine and why not have a purse that carries it?!?! Jennifer, owner and creator of Vivajennz, found her inspiration after many trips to parks, zoos, swimming pools, and soccer games. The concept of a fun way to carry wine incognito was developed and she started making these purses as gifts for her girlfriends. Of course, once others saw the brilliant bag, more and more people began to inquire about them. Jennifer’s husband and girlfriends were very motivating and encouraged her to start her very own business.

Vivajennz are a designer purse that is insulated to keep beverages cool with a hidden spigot. Perfect for a concealed carry purse. All of the Vivajennz wine purse styles are named after her girlfriends. They represent their individual fabulousness!

Jennifer lives in Ann Arbor and works full-time as a physician. She is married to Patrick and has two lively boys, Dayton and Lachlan. Autism plays a large part in her life. She is donating a percentage of her total sales to autism research. When she isn’t working or spending time with her family, she surrounds herself with a fun and diverse group of girlfriends. It’s during this time that she gets most of her inspirations.

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