Pork Chomps Rawhide-Free Dog Chews Review & Giveaway!

Did you know that rawhide is actually not good for your dogs? Rawhide doesn’t dissolve well in the digestive tracts, leading to possible blockage which could mean an expensive surgery or even death to your loving pooch. But of course dogs like to chew, which is healthy for them to do. It decreases their anxiety while helping their jaws stay strong and their teeth clean.

Pork Chomps vet approved dog treats are the safest and healthiest dog chew available for your canine friend. A recent university study proved that Pork Chomps are much easier to digest than rawhide, dissolving up to twice as fast in a dog’s digestive enzymes. Click here to view the study.

Pork Chomps are a healthy dog chew made from baked pork skin without dyes, fillers or rawhide. Because they are 99.9% digestible, when dogs switch from rawhide to Pork Chomps, the risk of intestinal blockage is greatly reduced. A daily offering of Pork Chomps was also found by a recent university study to reduce healthy dogs’ cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Pork Chomps sent me a selection of dog chews for my pooches Lucy & Molly. Now, they are older dogs – Molly is 8 and Lucy is 11, up there for Labradors. So with age comes a bit of a finicky taste. They only like certain types of dog food and will often snub their noses up at another brand in I happen to make the mistake of giving them something else. Luckily they immediately took to Pork Chomps.

Molly couldn’t wait to get her paws on the Baked Stripz!

Since my doggies are geriatric, I worry about what I am feeding them, so it’s nice that Pork Chomps are 100% rawhide free with no fillers or dyes. They are 99.9% digestible, which means no upset doggie tummies.

Molly graciously let me take a quick photo 🙂

Pork Chomps come in two different varieties – Regular and Premium. Within these varieties you can find Earz, Knotz, Stripz, Twistz, and more! All natural and made from real pork skin.

Lucy also enjoys the Baked Stripz

You can order Pork Chomps directly  from their site or find them at a pet store near you!

TWO lucky readers will each WIN a TWO Bags of Premium Pork Chomps! Simply follow the entry form below. Ends 9/5/13!

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