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Often times we are in “get up and go” mode. From the second the alarm goes off at 6:45am, I get the kids up and ready for school, jump in the car, and continue on with my day. And forget those little moments. Moments like this…


Every morning when I drop my two little kindergartners off at school, I watch them walk toward their class and it just takes my breath away. When did they get so independent that they can spend 7+ hours with me? Just yesterday they were tiny infants and today, they are little students.

One thing I always remember before I send them off into the world is breakfast. There’s a big reason why they say “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. It sets the tone for not only your energy, but also your metabolism. It’ been proven that a protein-rich breakfast like Quaker Instant Protein Cranberry Almond that comes in convenient to-go cups for those rushed mornings.


So instead of having a blah start to our day we get some energy and motivation! Which is exactly what these little scholars need.
To celebrate Quaker Oats (and National Oatmeal day Oct 29th!) I am giving 10 readers an AMAZING gift bag!


  • A heart-shaped Off You Go Oatmeal Bowl to enjoy your favorite whole grain breakfast
  • A Fujimax Instant Photo Camera to capture Off You Go moments and enjoy them in real-time
  • A Magnetic Cable Photo Holder to preserve and display your favorite Off You Go moments
  • A Reusable Jute Tote as a stylish way to pack all your on-the-go items for the day ahead
  • A set of four Quaker recipe cards for morning meal inspiration
  • A variety of Quaker products to help get you and your family off to a great start with a bowl of oatmeal

10 readers will win! Follow the entry form below – Ends 11/25/2015!


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Life She Has


  1. My most fond memories are those spent with my grandparents. They are all gone now so those memories are very precious to me now.

  2. A time that I remember fondly is when my son was just a little guy and he would often fall asleep sitting with me reading. He was so sweet.

  3. I’d have trouble picking just one memory, of course, but recently – taking a quick trip up north to see my grandmother who I hadn’t seen in years (but talk to all the time on the phone).

  4. My husband just became a U.S. citizen yesterday, so although it is not a distant memory, I will never forget that day for the rest of my life. Watching my kids hug him with enormous pride of the steps that he has taken was very emotional. Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. Marrying my hubby we make 25 years this Nov, life changing amazing, together we created a beautiful family and have taken care of 3 elders. We have done so much together I can’t wait for the years ahead.

  6. My favorite moment I remember… Oh my, there’s a lot!!! Now, mind you, I have been overweight my entire life – So, imagine a 6 year old, pudgy little girl, running around SeaWorld (Yes, in OH at the time!!!) in a blue a white striped leotard & purple silky shorts! HAHAHA! Man, was I a sight! But, the best moment, was when the man in the penguin suit came and sat next to me on a bench while I was crying, because of my mother. He wrapped his plush wing around me and told me it will all be OK! My oldest sister was able to snap a photo of it! I will NEVER forget that day/moment!!

  7. My favorite moment is our bedtime routine with the kids. I love snuggling in our jammies and reading a new book each night– the wonder and excitement I see in them is my favorite moment every single day.

  8. My favorite moments all seem to involve my kids these days! I love our long walks together,watching them run around and play.I know these moments are fleeting so I try to really soak them up.

  9. I am IN those moments right now thanks to my daughter. I know I will look back on these early years and miss her being so small.

  10. I never appreciated all the warm oatmeal with fruit my mom made me eat as a kid, and now that she is unable to cook anymore due to dementia, I miss those warm memories.

  11. My fondest memories are of my grandmother and dad teasing me about being the sweetest of the sweeties. My dad would say I was the sweetest of the sweeties and my grandma would say, “ohhh no she’s not”.

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