So many of our games and entertainment are now dependent on a screen. Sometimes, I like to do things the old fashioned way. For Memorial Day weekend, the family, baby included, packed up our tents and sleeping bags and headed out for a camping trip. This is the perfect opportunity to declare a no electronics rule. My son isn’t allowed to bring his DVD player or iPod and instead we bring playing cards, bocci ball and rely on actual conversations. Alpha Books had just sent me three new puzzle books, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Picture Puzzles, Puzzle Baron’s Sudoku, and Puzzle Baron’s Logic Puzzles, so I packed them up with us.

My son loved the Picture Puzzle Book and spent much of the driving time finding the differences between pictures. “Look Mom and Dad, this is a sneaky one!”. He was occupied and felt a sense of accomplishment when he found each difference.

I love Sudoku, but usually just play it on my phone when I’m waiting at the doctor’s office.

It was a real challenge to solve puzzles with paper, pen and my own brain and I realized that doing it this way is a whole new game altogether.

The Logic puzzles were a fun way for my son and I to solve logic problems  together. It gave both of our brains a work out and I love the fact that we solved them together. We made a pretty good team. There’s so many included in the book that I can take it out whenever we need special screen free time together. I love that I have these books ready for old fashioned fun and a good brain work out. I’ll be taking them on road trips and camping trips to pass the time, but I’ll also keep them on the bookshelf for family puzzle time. Good old fashioned fun!


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