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Oh that laundry. How on EARTH does it multiply?

I swear, even though I have two young children with little clothes I feel like if I don’t do at least a load of laundry a day, I get behind and it piles up. Is that the same way with you?

Plus, with 2 young kiddos, there are stains. My daughter – the foodie – doesn’t just eat her food, she enjoys it. To the point that she gets chocolate in her hair, mac and cheese on her forehead, and pancake syrup all over her clothes. So laundry is definitely an issue in my home. 

Procter & Gamble has come out with some super-fab NEW laundry care – just in time for spring and all of the messes that come with it! You can find every single one at Family Dollar:

 Gain Flings

  • An easier way to use Gain. These three-in-one single-use flings include 50% more scent, an oxi boost and the freshness of Febreze, for long-lasting freshness and cleaning power.

Tide Simply Clean & Fresh

Offers a dependable clean and superior mal-odor removal

Tide Plus Collection

Tide + Coldwater Clean

  • Coldwater cleaning with whitening ingredients

Tide + Febreze Freshness

  • Provides long lasting freshness with an upgraded scent

Tide + A Touch of Downy

  • Makes clothes feel soft & fresh with an upgraded scent

Tide + Bleach Alternative

  • Removes dinginess and gets whites whiter

Tide + Febreze Sport

  • Removes body soils, odor and sweat stains

Tide + Ultra Stain Release

  • New Tide Ultra Stain Release will help remove 99% of everyday stains
  • Ultra Stain Release is specially formulated with stain removal ingredients that work at the fiber level and has a new pre-treat stain Zap! Cap that lets you use Tide as both a detergent and a pre-treater on tough stains.

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Family Dollar Prize Pack

  • $25 Family Dollar Gift Card
  • Downy Unstoppables
  • Gain Flings
  •  Samples from the Tide Plus Collection

US Only, Ends March 24th! 

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