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Your kids will love Jennifer Donnelly’s “Lost in a Book.” Merlot Mommy’s kids couldn’t put it down in anticipation of the new live-action Beauty and the Beast movie.

We’re giving one lucky reader a chance to win their own copy of “Lost in a Book” as well as “Belle’s Library” and a $50 Fandango Gift Card to go see Beauty and the Beast at the movies!

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Beauty and the Beast "Lost In A Book"About “Lost in a Book”

Smart, bookish Belle, a captive in the Beast’s castle, has become accustomed to her new home and has befriended its inhabitants. When she comes upon Nevermore, an enchanted book unlike anything else she has seen in the castle, Belle finds herself pulled into its pages and transported to a world of glamor and intrigue. The adventures Belle has always imagined, the dreams she was forced to give up when she became a prisoner, seem within reach again.

The charming and mysterious characters Belle meets within the pages of Nevermore offer her glamorous conversation, a life of dazzling Parisian luxury, and even a reunion she never thought possible. Here Belle can have everything she ever wished for. But what about her friends in the Beast’s castle? Can Belle trust her new companions inside the pages of Nevermore? Is Nevermore‘s world even real? Belle must uncover the truth about the book before she loses herself in it forever.

Beauty and the Beast "Lost In A Book"