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Post Cereal Honeycomb wants you to “think biggerer” with breakfast. Honeycomb is easy to turn into a fun breakfast recipe like Momstart’s Honeycomb Pie Crust recipe. She also made a great Honeycomb crusted Blueberry muffin bar.

Honeycomb is a fantastic cereal that kids and grownups both like.

Honeycomb has a sweet corn and big honey flavor that is in every bite. We had to go “biggerer” because we want to also encourage you to make breakfast “biggerer” than ever before.

We have teamed up with MomStart to give you the opportunity to win a $25 gift card and a box of cereal so you can think “biggerer”.

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$25 Gift Card and & Box of Honeycomb


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  1. I don’t really see a question in the post. If it’s what to do with the cereal to make it bigerer, I’d turn it into a trail mix and add some nuts, diced dried fruit chips. plus some granola cereal and perhaps some chocolate chips that the kids would like to have as a snack after they eat their regular breakfast 🙂

  2. I’d use the cereal to make a granola style mix with cereal, dried fruit, and nuts. I’d layer that granola with vanilla yogurt to make bigger breakfast parfaits!

  3. I havent had this cereals in years…but loved it as a child. I try to go bigger by planning family movie nights with fun snacks everyone will enjoy.

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