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One thing most girls love? My Little Pony! When I was little I had my own My Little Pony toys and now that I have a daughter I love that she also loves Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and the rest of the ponies!


Hasbro sent me the My Little Pony Sweet Apple Acre Barn ($19.99, available everywhere MLP is sold) and I couldn’t wait to get it to Riley – and she couldn’t wait to open it up and get to playing!


  • Fun, colorful ponies with pretty hair and Cutie Mark designs
  • Collect the world of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
  • Style their hair and dress them up
  • Discover the magic of friendship
  • Sweet Apple Acres Barn pack has 2 pony figures and a barn for a picnic
  • Includes Crimson Gala and Granny Smith pony figures
  • Includes more than 13 accessories

One of my favorite parts of this set is Granny Smith – she’s adorable with her pony walker (complete with “tennis balls” on the feet!). She can also sit down on the chair and have a fun picnic with Crimson Gala along with other My Little Pony figures (sold separately). What’s more fun than a picnic? A picnic at a barn with Granny Smith and Crimson Gala! Your Sweet Apple Acres Barn pack lets you have sweet picnic fun in a fancy barn just for your Granny Smith and Crimson Gala pony figures. It comes with a whole spread of food accessories for the best pony feast ever!

You can find this and other My Little Pony toys anywhere toys are sold, including Amazon!