My sister texted me with a pretty neat website, 23anMe.com. She and her husband got kits to have their DNA analyzed to see what kind of health risks they may have and their ancestry.

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My brother in law has been very into mapping out ancestry on his family as well as ours. It’s actually pretty cool to see how far you can go back with census bureaus and birth records, but what happens when you hit a roadblock? You can turn to 23andMe! They can give you regional information based on your DNA. I have NO IDEA I was almost 1/10th American Indian. But now I want to find more information on tribes my ancestors may have been a part of. I also found out that I have genetic similarities to Napoleon, Marie Antoinette, and Susan Sarandon!

23andMe Ancestry

I was also able to get my health risks. With things like heart conditions and some forms of cancer running in my family I can see what my risk is for these and adjust my lifestyle if needed to minimize the risk. The things that I know I am at risk for or have experienced (such as infertility issues) have been dead-on correct.

Another really great feature about 23andMe – connecting me with family I didn’t even know existed. I discovered 2nd and 3rd cousins who I had no idea were there. We are working on connecting the dots with mutual relatives. It’s pretty exciting! AND I can even listen to my DNA – here’s my little melody!

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The biggest reason for checking out 23andMe was actually 2 reasons – my two children. I want them to know exactly where they came from genetically. Because I know the advances of science are fast, getting faster with each generation, I know that if my children knew their parents’ genetic makeup and risks they would be armed with more knowledge of how to prevent health issues. They can also learn about different parts of the world simply by researching their own ancestry. So that school project they will inevitably be working on? I have already done the research simply by signing up with 23andMe!

Here’s how you can find out everything about your genetics:

  • Sign up here – pay $99 for a Genome Kit which will arrive to your home in less than a week
  • Send your saliva sample back in the prepaid package
  • In about 2-3 weeks you will get your full analysis back, complete with Health Risks, Traits, Ancestry, Inherited Conditions, Drug Response, plus access to connect with others who may be related based on your DNA. All of your information is completely confidential – nobody sees anything unless you allow it!

Let me know what surprises you with your genetic background!

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