I must be super tasty, last night I woke up at 2am scratching my arm and my hand. I have got bites all over me.. I practically bathe in hydrocortisone and pop benadryl* like it’s candy…

On the bright side I am doing my IUI tomorrow. Bad thing is I am going it alone, my husband will drop off his, um, stuff and then has to go to work. Booooooo…..

I just want to get this cycle over with so that I can get on to the more aggressive stuff….

I found out yesterday one of my favorite bands is playing here in Portland in October… Yes, it’s the Irish punk band we all know and love, Flogging Molly! Hopefully I will be knocked up and won’t be able to go ūüėČ

*Yes, benadryl is ok to take while TTC… I checked.