I am finally getting really close to IVF. I feel it’s not going to be postponed this time, like it was the last time. Last time I KNEW it wouldn’t happen when it should have. I would be doing the retrieval this week and the transfer next week. Now I am waiting until the end of July for it all. It doesn’t seem that far away.

I get my meds the day after tomorrow… I have never been more excited to get needles and vials!!!

I had an annual exam today and the Dr said everything looked fine, and she was anxious to see me again soon as an OB rather than a GYN.. Me too!!

In 2 weeks I will beging Lupron shots. 5-6 weeks will be the retreival. 5 days after that the transfer. Scared? Only that it won’t work…

I think it will all become more real when I go in for my suppression check on July 16th….