UPDATE – it looks like this is yet another company who decided to change the rules. As per their FB page:

(direct link – unless it has been deleted)

It seems that Red Rock changed their rules after getting thousands upon thousands of new signups.

NOW, instead of 10,000 points for an Amazon Gift Card, it’s been raised to 50,000 points.

AND, now it’s not a guarantee, it’s a “chance to win.

I do apologize to my readers for posting this site, I do still think they are “legit” and not trying to phish for information, it’s just another site that promised something and is not living up to their end of the bargain. My suggestion is to take it to their Facebook page to express your concern if you have one. Nowhere on their site does it say the Amazon GC deal was a sweeps.


(do you see anything that supports their FB notice? Nope..)

Interesting that a site dedicated to business made such a bad business decision, don’t you think?


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