Did you know that you can get a $25 bonus OR MORE from Ebates? I LOVE Ebates – it’s a great way to get cash back for purchasing online, and as the holiday season comes up there will be PLENTY of that. Here’s how to get that $25 bonus:

  1. You must either be new to Ebates or have no referred friends under you (yet!)
  2. Click “refer a friend” on your Ebates dashboard to get your unique referral link
  3. Post on your Facebook page, twitter, Google Plus, email, etc!
  4. When a referred freind makes a total purchase of $25 or more through Ebates YOU earn $25!
  5. If you already have referrals under you, great! For every additional referral you get $5 with and extra $50 for referring 5!

Some great stores you can get cash back at:

  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Bath & Body Works
  • Children’s Place
  • Toys R Us
  • Walmart