I was beyond excited to be able to attend the Game of Thrones premiere event here in Portland at one of my favorite theaters Cinetopia Progress Ridge! I’m a pretty big Game of Thrones fan and really got into it during Season 3 last year, so getting the chance to see the premiere of Season 4 before the rest of the world. Who wouldn’t do that?

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HBO put on a great and fun party. The event started out with pizza and wine & beer from local suppliers, along with gourmet cupcakes. Then the fun began! 

Guests were invited up to the stage to answer trivia questions about the show. Of course I jumped at the chance and hopped up there! The questions for the guests ahead of me were easy – “Who plays Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage)”, “Who said ‘you know nothing Jon Snow’? (um Ygritte!!)”. I thought “I GOT THIS.” My question was up…

 “What did Melisandre use to draw blood from Gendry?”

Shoot. I KNOW THIS. But I blanked. 

The answer was leeches. LEECHES – that’s right! I should have gotten that. I did get a consolation prize – a super awesome pen that shoots a Game of Thrones image on the wall!

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After that there was a costume contest. Some of the costumes were fabulous – like the guy who wore chainmail and the girls who both dressed as The Red Witch. 

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Then – time for the show to start! Seeing Game of Thrones on the big screen was such an experience!










Below is a synopsis of Season Four’s opener, “Two Swords”. Don’t read if you don’t want to know! Season 4 of Game of Thrones starts SUNDAY April 6th on HBO.


Official synopsis from HBO: “Tyrion welcomes a guest to King’s Landing. At Castle Black, Jon Snow finds himself unwelcome. Dany is pointed to Meereen, the mother of all slave cities. Arya runs into an old friend.”



The episode started with Tywin Lannister forging two new swords from Ned Stark’s beheading sword, then burning the pelt of a direwolf, symbolizing the conquering of House of Stark after the Red Wedding from season 3, where Catelyn Stark, Robb Stark, and Robb’s pregnant wife Talisa were murdered.  He gives one sword to Jamie Lannister as an act of acknowledging him as family and keeps one for himself. 

Royalty from all over are coming into the Lannister kingdom for the wedding of Joffrey and Margaery Tyrell. Tyrion is playing the role of welcome wagon as the guests come in. Not all are there just for the wedding, as the philandering playboy Oberyn Martell expresses a want to kill all Lannisters by saying “The Lannisters aren’t the only ones who pay their debts”. Can’t wait to see how he plays into the series.

Sansa is sad and depressed over the murder of her family by the house that she was forced to marry into. She assumed Arya is also dead, as everyone assumes, but Arya and The Hound are alive and well. Remember the knight who Sansa saved early on in the series – Joffrey decided instead of killing him he would be the king’s fool? He approaches Sansa in the garden, giving her his most prized possession – his mother’s necklace – to thank her for saving his life. 

Jon Snow is brought to the heads of the Night’s Watch to answer for his disappearance. He responds by telling them he traveled with the Wildlings and even has relations with a girl (Ygritte), both big no-no’s with The Night’s Watch, since they are mortal enemies of the Wildlings (who are traveling to take over the Night’s Watch) and members of the Night’s Watch give their chastity to the cause. Ygritte and the Wildlings are approached by a new clan, the Thenns, who are also out for blood from the Crows. 


Danaerys continues to travel with her army and dragons. Her dragons are starting to show that they are indeed wild creatures when one snaps at her while she consoles him. She’s taken a bit aback by this. The army comes across a young girl, dead and strung up onto a post her left hand pointing to a path leading to the ruthless slave city Meereen. She is told that there is one dead slave every mile, and says she wants to see every face on the 167 mile journey, which will only make her more determined to free the slaves of the city. 


As I mentioned before, Arya and the Hound are both alive, traveling to the House of Lannisters where he plans to sell her back to her sister Sansa at a hefty price. Through the episode is is obvious that The Hound is beginning to see her less of an enemy and more of a child in need of guidance and family, but keeps his front up as the gruff guard he is. They come across an inn where Arya sees Needle, the man that kidnapped her, thinking she was a boy, and took her sword from her. All I can tell you is to watch for this scene – it is in my opinion the best in the episode. Arya shows her strength and vengeance with a slow yet highly effective way to brutally murder Needle while proving to The Hound that she can be trusted. 

This episode was packed with some great action, compelling dialogue, and of course incredible imagery. Be sure to watch it April 6th on HBO! You can also see previous episodes on Xfinity on Demand.