I’m a Purex insider!

Purex with Zout is a detergent an pre-treater in one! It gets out tough stains like grass, chocolate, tomato sauce, and more with ease. It also works with both regular an EC machines.

I have recently become a Purex fan but I have been a Zout fan for a long, long time. about 15 years ago I had this beautiful futon with a nice *expensive* mattress. My dog at the time decided that she was going to chew up a ball point pen on my mattress while I was at work. I came home to find a lovely blue stain smack dab in the middle of my bed. My guilty and literally blue in the face dog sat in the corner because she knew she had been a “bad girl”. Dog was ok BTW…

I ran to the local drug store and grabbed some Zout. I came home and started working on that stain – first putting Zout all over the stain on my sheet, rinsing, an them putting more on before throwing in the washer. The mattress wasn’t so easy. BUT with the help of Zout and some elbow grease I got that stain out!

So I am very excited for Purez Complete with Zout! With two now toddlers who like to get into anything and everything, there are a lot of stains in my house. It’s nice that I don’t have to take an extra step and pre-treat! Because I am in insider I get to try a bottle for myself! Hooray for a little less work and great results!

Click HERE to get a sample of Purex Complete with Zout! 

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