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Are you a fan of hospital dramas? You will LOVE this cool continuation of Operate Now, a fun and exciting game for IOS and Google Play!

Chief of Surgery Noah Stone is becoming irritable and aloof. He’s being threatened with blackmail, but will he succumb? Nurse Amy has spiraled into depression after her accident and has started stealing hospital drugs. Is there anyone who can help her? Paramedic James finds himself fighting with surgeon Sirona. Will the passion in those fights turn into something else altogether? Sirona has her own issues. One struggle dies with her alcoholic dad but then she discovers she has a brother. Will he be as messed up as her father?

PLUS — even the surgery is getting more dramatic. Are you ready to grab the paddles for a sudden cardiac arrest? Do you remember the procedure for an emergency tracheotomy?

SEASON 2: It’s just like your favorite TV hospital drama, but it’s you who’s calling the shots:

  • Manage and optimize hospital resources and staff to create a world-class medical institution
  • Deal with the human drama that goes hand-in-hand with running a hospital
  • Perform complex surgeries

Operate Now: Hospital — slick, comic-book art style and stories that deepen the more you play, this game is irresistible. 

Download FREE now on App Store or Google Play.

OPERATE NOW: HOSPITAL Season 2 is now live and available for free on iOS and Android exclusively from Spil Games. In this new installment of the ultimate hospital simulation game, players get a graphic insight into what it feels like to be a surgeon through brand new levels, while also managing the drama of a hospital through all-new character storylines. Season 2 is just like your favorite TV hospital drama, but it’s you who’s calling the shots!

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