Did you know you can get a FREE debit/credit card reader from PayAnywhere! There are NO upfront fees, no monthly fees, and your transaction is credited directly to your bank account 🙂 Shipped FREE to you 🙂

This means you can take payments from any debit or credit card from anyone – if you are a small business owner these are a MUST for shows and parties! You are credited all but 2.69% of the transaction to the account you specify within 48 hours. BUT there are no other fees at all. FYI other card readers such as Square are at 2.75% or more. Even if you have another one you should try this one out.

All you do is stick it on your smartphone and use the free app to receive a credit card payment 🙂 There’s ABSOLUTELY no obligation to get your card reader, use it when you need it – it’s awesome!! And the rates are better than anywhere else that I have found 🙂

I’m SO excited – I get to use my FREE PayAnywhere card swiper with my garage sale this weekend 🙂 PLUS I can use it for my little side business