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Text any of these words TO 39777 for a Free Rental Code from Blockbuster Kiosks!

  • KATE
  • CHEF
  • GANG
  • OWEN
  • ZOE


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Life She Has

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  1. I used to be big on getting movies from the kiosks, Redbox AND the Blockbuster Express kiosks, but streaming and discs by mail just make so much more sense to me. It’s easier to scroll through a simple UI and finding a movie I want to watch, then having it right on my screen within seconds. The Blockbuster @Home service is gives me a ton of content via streaming, but I also love the disc rentals in the mail. Getting video games in the mail is my favorite part, it sure is cheaper than buying a game that I might not even enjoy, this way I can test it out first. This is all for only $10 a month, working for DISH I know that it’s cheaper than Netflix, and I get tons more than what I did from the kiosks.

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