I usually got to the store at least 2 times a week. When I go it’s most likely for milk and bread but then I end up spending $100, mostly consisting of impulse buys. And while I usually enjoy wandering aimlessly through the aisles I find myself scrambling because I just spent a full hour at the store and have come home with random things like ice cream bars and cupcakes and a weird cheese. But no milk (of course)…

I had seen ClickList at my regular haunt Fred Meyer (a Kroger affiliate) but never really thought about using it. I assumed it was easier going to the grocery store. Boy was I wrong. ClickList is literally the BEST THING that has happened to me. Ok, marrying my husband and having my kids are the best things, but ClickList is a close 3rd.


Reason #1 – It saved me an hour!

Who needs more hours in their day? Everyone, that’s who. So I got to save a whole hour with ClickList because instead of wandering through the store, forgetting what I came in for I ordered my stuff on my computer while watching my favorite show and picked it up the next day after gymnastics class. Awesome I tell you…


Reason #2 – It saved me money!

Because I wasn’t tempted to buy impulse items (like that bag of candy I was eyeing last time I was in Fred meyer), I stuck to my necessities. So that candy stayed on the shelf, that magazine I could easily toss on the belt stayed in its spot. My money stayed in my account (for the most part). Plus they will still take ALL of your coupons when you pick your order up.


Reason #3 – It saved me from forgetting!

I was able to shop from the online store which had every single item I needed to buy. I actually ended up taking my laptop into the kitchen and going through my fridge and pantry to see what I was missing, adding things to my order right there. Then when I my husband came home he mentioned we were low on shampoo. Added to the order (because you can change your order up until midnight!).


Reason #4 – It saved me from buying junk!

Back up to reason #2 – but add to that I am not buying as much processed foods. Less junk = better food = I feel better. Plus I don’t have to listen to the kids beg for those chocolate chip cookies. The temptation isn’t there.

So what did I do with that time and money I saved? Took the family to the movies!

fred meyer movies

Check to see if your Kroger affiliate offers ClickList and get to shopping!

*this post was sponsored by Fred Meyer. All opinions are my own.