I often hear women say that if they won the lottery the first thing they would do is “get a boob job”. First time mothers quickly find out that their breasts are no longer for show, they are actually useful with nursing their baby.

But nursing, as well as age, come at a price (breast-wise). I am not in any way saying “don’t nurse! You’ll ruin your boobs!”. That’s a ridiculous notion to even think because the pros definitely outweigh the cons when it comes to nutritionally satisfying your baby, not to mention the bond it creates.

But it also creates some loose skin, sagging, and loss of volume. Once you stop nursing you will quickly realize that your breasts.. changed..

So, I ask you – would you get a breast augmentation? Did you know that because the procedure has become so popular (the most popular and requested cosmetic surgery) that the prices have become a bit more affordable? As it stands the breast implants prices in the US go anywhere from $4000 to $10000 depending on your region and the doctor performing the procedure. It’s a relatively easy procedure, only taking an hour or so with a week-long recovery. As with all surgeries breast augmentation comes with its set of risks.

But I know several women who decided that the reward was worth it. And guess what? They felt better about themselves and their bodies. It improved their intimate lives with spouses too!

Be sure – if you are considering breast implants be sure to do you do your homework and find a reputable physician who will explain silicone vs. saline and has a strong background.


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