Ok, so it wasn’t a job. But I did get to do a voiceover session at DisneyToons Studios while there learning about Planes Fire and Rescue!


The room is set up pretty much how you’d think: a sound-proof booth made mostly of thick windows and a couple of guys (Jason Henkel – casting director and Paul McGrath – sound engineer) at computers making it all match. In the booth was the microphone with one of those wire mesh thingies – which I later found out was called a blast filter, making your voice sound smoother and not pitchy. There was a large screen, a video camera, and a stool to sit on and get comfortable. Much like what you’ve seen on TV – that’s the sound booth!


I got to voice Dipper, the girl plane who has a thing for Dusty. She is a little…. aggressive? She meets Dusty and shows right away she is interested, even giving a little growl.

I got to do that growl….

My experience was super fun – here’s how it worked:

I stepped into the booth, all official-like with my headphones and my mic. The booth manager told me I would hear Dipper’s lines as said by Julie Bowen and to repeat them after I hear them. Easy!

The result was recorded and I got my little bloggy hands on it to share with you!! Here are two videos – one is the scene that I did and the other is me doing it. BTW – my hair got all messed up with the headphones. I don’t remember that. So here’s hoping I wasn’t walking around with pink wings on either side of my noggin.


*I was provided an all expence paid trip to Los Angeles to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own.