It’s amazing how much goes into the making of a featured animated film. Planes Fire and Rescue is no exception. The amount of detail in Piston Peak National Park is incredible, down to the pinecones!

The entire park is designed to be a “natural” version of auto parts. The mountainsides are trains, the pinecones are spark plugs, and the “deer” are John Deere tractors (clever, no?). Toby Wilson was the head of the department that made this all happen. They traveled to Yosemite National Park along with Yellowstone National Park. Piston Peak is a hybrid of the two.


One of my favorite parts of Piston Peak National Park is the Grand Fusel Lodge, modeled after the Yellowstone’s Old Faithful Inn. The Grand Fusel Lodge is a “hub” of Piston Peak National Park and where the cars who are on vacation go to have some conversation and coffee (or oil, since cars!). The Lodge details down to the hangars and the catwalk system were all modeled after Old Faithful Inn. There is also an outdoor sprinkler system that was designed into the animated building, just like Old Faithful Inn. It’s those details that the average person will overlook, but those who know about the Inn will see and be amazed by.


When you go to see Planes Fire and Rescue this weekend (see what I did there?), look for these amazing details and enjoy the breathtaking views of Piston Peak. Planes Fire and Rescue is out NOW!