I had the pleasure of seeing Planes Fire and Rescue not once, but twice now! The first time was back in May when I went down to LA to learn all about the making of the new animated movie. Then just the other day (July 16th) I was invited to a 3D screening by the wonderful folks at Fandango Family. I was joined by my kids Dylan and Riley for the screening ūüėÄ

5 Reasons to Take Your Kids to See Planes Fire and Rescue this Weekend

1. The story has a great message about firefighters.


When Others Fly Out, Heroes Fly In…¬†The story focuses on fire safety and shows just how dangerous fighting forest fires is, but it doesn’t compare to the risk that our firefighters put themselves at every day. In Planes Fire and Rescue we see Dusty Crophopper, Lil’ Dipper, Blade Ranger, and the rest of the crew put themselves in the middle of the infernos to save others and control the fire without blinking a mechanical eye. That’s how firefighters are – while we are running away from the flames, they are running toward them.

The creators really wanted to pay homage to our heros and if you have a firefighter in your life, you NEED to take them to see the movie. They will tell you that Disney got it right.

2. The animation is incredible.


While I was in LA I found out that the two hardest things to animate are fire and water – and there’s a lot of both in PLanes Fire and Rescue. The flames look real – it’s pretty amazing. the water flows and ebbs like you are looking at a real stream. Even the fire retardant that is dropped out of the planes is drawn to perfection.

3. It’s funny!


There’s a lot of comedy in the film – Dipper’s “relationship” with Dusty is one of the highlight. Julie Bowen expertly plays the delusional Dipper, who goes through the stages of a relationship with Dusty – the only problem is Dusty isn’t in the relationship. There’s also some great bits that adults will like.

4. It’s heartwarming.


There’s a lot of warm fuzzies in the movie – my favorite being the characters Harvey and Winnie, two RVs who have been married for 50 years. They are played by Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara, the real-life comedy couple who have been married for 50 years themselves! Their love is inspiring.

5. Your kids will love it!

From Dusty’s air acrobatics, to the action and adventure, the kids will really enjoy it!

Planes Fire and Rescue also has some super fun products that are starting to hit the shelves – from die-cast versions of the movie characters to fire-fighting play sets, and even cool bikes (my son has a Dusty bike with a propeller on the front!), you will begin to find them at places like Toys R’Us, Walmart, and of course The Disney Store.


Planes Fire and Rescue is out TODAY July 18th nationwide! Grab your tickets through Fandango!