This time of year is always full of running around, getting stuff done, and overall feeling a bit… frazzled. I think it’s important to have a moment to unwind. For me that means grabbing my colored pens and coloring book, a glass of milk, and a plate of OREO cookies


I love the relaxation I get from picking up a colored pen and mindlessly tracing around shapes and calming words. The OREO cookies and milk remind me of a time when I was younger and the only responsibilities I had were to clean my room.

Now – between cooking Thanksgiving Dinner and endlessly shopping for holiday gifts I can just chill. Yes with a coloring book.


OREO is helping me even more with an AWESOME promotion – only at Walmart! Look for the specially marked OREO packages to save $.50 immediately. You should see a BIG display of OREO cookies in one of the aisles. If that’s not all you can also get $.50 back from Ibotta!



I have a couple of AMAZING recipes using OREO cookies – get some inspiration:

Oreo Stuffed Cookies



So this holiday season, make sure you take time to yourself. Go grab a coloring book. Get a plate of OREO cookies and get lost in the chocolate cookie & cream. Color in your very own coloring book. RELAX. You are going to need it to get through the Holiday Season.