This is Aidan.

Aidan is the son of my dear friend Shannon. He is almost 4 years old now and is a bright and beautiful child. (check out Shannon’s blog, Kung Foo Feltus. It’s awesome, I tell you!)

Aidan is also autistic. He was diagnosed at 2 years old when Shannon noticed his speech development wasn’t where is should be. In fact, he was completely non-verbal. Since then, Aidan has developed his own way of communicating, but like any autistic child, it’s a constant struggle for his mind to comprehend. Shannon tried to find things to help Aidan in his development and found the perfect activity – the garden.


Luckily for Shannon, she has the greenest thumb I know. I am constantly jealous of her amazing and HUGE vegetable garden. It’s like she waves a magic wand and POOF! Giant heirloom tomatoes! POOF! Foot-long carrots! POOF! Squash the size of your head! She even has chickens that lay the best eggs ever (seriously, I am a regular egg customer of hers!).

And here I can’t even grow wildflowers!

Because of the garden, Shannon found a new way of teaching Aidan, along with a great way to gain income to help Aidan with his therapy sessions. She also is a regular contributor to Autism Awareness and several local Oregon Autism communities and resources. 

Screen shot 2014-03-08 at 10.18.33 AM

Because of these things, Shannon has decided to sell her bountiful garden delights at the local Beaverton Farmer’s Market and Hillsboro Farmer’s Market this summer, but needs the help of others to get into a booth and have a regular spot at the markets. Her GoFundMe goal of $2200 will cover the cost of booth fees and transportation. Profits from the sales will go straight to Aidan’s classes and therapy, with any remaining going to the Autism Society of Oregon.