Y’all, it has been SO long since I’ve gotten a Farmers Market Basket. The last couple I had gotten contained produce that had already gone bad and, when the rest of it went bad within a couple of days, I decided I didn’t want to spend my money on that anymore.

BUT…I forgot I had one scheduled for this week and it automatically charged my credit card. So, I picked it up. And, you guys, I am SO GLAD I did. This week’s basket was freaking awesome. Usually, there are several things I don’t like and won’t use, but this one? This one was FULL of foods I LOVE. SCORE.

Now that I have told you about the yumminess, let me show you a picture.

Here’s a breakdown of my haul:

(5) Apples
(5) Baking potatoes
(4) Ears of corn
(4) Oranges
(3) Onions
(2) Pluots
(2) Tomatoes
(1) Butternut squash
(1) Bunch of bananas
(1) Bag of baby carrots
(1) Bunch of lettuce

The one thing I’m not 100 percent sure about yet is the butternut squash. I’ve never used that before. I’m thinking about making soup this weekend with it, but I don’t have a food processor. Do you think my blender would work just as well, or should I bite the bullet and buy a processor?

Everything else will be used for every day meals — I’ve been baking the potatoes for lunch, the lettuce, an onion and the tomatoes will be used for the burgers we’re grilling on Sunday and the other onions will be used in chili. Oh yeah, and we’re grilling the corn on Sunday, too. YUM! The fruit will be eaten by themselves.

Before I wrap this up, is anyone here wondering what a pluot is? Anyone?? It’s a cross between a plum and an apricot! I had no idea until the girl I picked my basket up from told me. My husband said it should be called an aplum. Yeah. He thinks he’s funny. šŸ™‚ It was pretty good but, to me, it tasted just like a plum and, since it’s much bigger than a plum, I couldn’t eat the whole thing.