Just a warning – there is another fake freebie going around for a free backpack from a Facebook page called Kid’s & Baby Clothing that is actually a phishing scam and you should NOT request this freebie. How do I know this?

  1. The Facebook page has no specific company information on the “about page” other than “Shop our modern, designer children’s clothing for babies, girls and boys in sizes newborn to age 12. Kids and baby clothes for little citizens of the world”
  2. Sporadic posts having nothing to do with shopping or purchasing. Wouldn’t you think an e-commerce site would update frequently with sales?
  3. a couple of posts claiming that there were two contests but no previous posts about it.

When you get a freebie make sure that:

  1. The freebie is posted from a legitimate company that has company information
  2. The company posting is active on Facebook.
  3. Grammar is correct and spelled right.
  4. The freebie is verified by a legitimate site such as Mommy Wants Freebies. We wouldn’t post it if we didn’t think it was legitimate!

Phishing scams will use your information for a number of reasons – from simple unsolicited email to identity theft. Be wary of freebies that raise the red flags!