I just had a HUGE weight lifted off my chest… I got my tickets to see my family for Christmas.

Well, NOT Christmas day, the day after. Here’s what Christmas will look like for me –

1. Josh gets off work 12/23 and we drive up to Seattle to spend actual Christmas there. Oh, yeah – not moving there til next year (WOOT!). Too much stress over it so we decided to wait. So far the best decision we’ve made in a long time.
2. Annual “stocking stuffer spending spree” on Christmas Eve. Josh and I do this every year.
3. Christmas day. Babies’ first Christmas! Party it up (baby-style)
4. Christmas night – Josh is driving us to the airport to meet my sister and fly to Texas. Her flight gets in a midnight and she and I and the babies will fly back together. Did you really think I would be flying alone with two kids under a year old? Silly….
5. Flight gets in at 7am into Houston where my mom will be picking us up and I will be with my 5 other siblings for the first time in about ten years! And all of the cousins – my nieces & nephews and my children – will be together for the first time ever. Let the chaos ensue!!!

Did you notice that Josh won’t be joining me? Yeah, I’m not happy about that but there isn’t much we can do about it. He has to work, there’s no getting around it. But at least we will be spending the holiday together… I did not purchase my ticket back yet – I will be staying for 1-2 weeks and my mom will be flying back with me to help with the twins on the flight. I was insanely lucky to get a direct flight there, but odds are slim I will get a direct flight back… And I am hoping a redeye flight will work in my favor and Dylan & Riley will just sleep most of the way… They are phenomenal little car travelers, so I hope that an airplane won’t faze them. But I will probably have a couple of screamers for 4 hours…. we shall see!