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eShakti – Review and $25 Off Your First Order! Custom Clothing at Affordable Prices

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The inspiration is from Shakti, which in Sanskrit means power. eShakti is pronounced e-Shuck-tee – but e-Shack-tee works too! eShakti is about empowering you, our customer, with customization in every design – to give you your size, your style, your color, your choice. One size does not fit all and all sizes are not created equal. For too long women have been forced to conform to standard sizing that too often doesn’t fit properly. At eShakti, a customer can shop for exactly what she wants – no compromise. She can ask for her size, including custom size and often change the style as well, and even the color in many cases. At eShakti, a customer will never hear her size is not available.


I have been an avid fan of eShakti for quite a while now. I have a few great pieces from them – all customized to fit me. Like many women I don’t fit into normal clothes – I have a large bust that pulls and gapes in most button-downs. If I go with a larger size then it doesn’t fit at the waist and I get “are you pregnant” looks. Seriously – it’s embarrassing! So tailored items are a must for me.

eShakti lets me put my measurements into what I choose. I can also change things like sleeve length, neckline, and overall length. eShakti sent me this lovely blouse to try out:



Cute, right? YES! Adorable! BUT…

I wanted the sleeves to be 3/4 and I needed to have the bust bigger than the sample size. eShakti came to my rescue and made my cute birdie top my own! The fit is perfect, the fabric and construction are amazing, and I know it was made just for me.

The dresses are so darling too – a retro feel to them that is timeless and classic! I especially love this adorbs dress, only $59.95!


PLUS new users will get $25 off their first order!!

eShakti has more GORGEOUS clothing pieces – all with a bit of a vintage flair. And ALL fully customizable!


Visit eShakti to take a look at the beautiful and affordable garments! When you register you will get $20 off your first purchase PLUS Free customization on your first order! Shipping is fast too – you’ll get your order within 8 business days (this includes custom pieces!).

Be sure to visit eShakti on Facebook and follow eShakti on Twitter for sales and more!

While supplied with the item reviewed, I was not compensated for this post. All opinions and views expressed are my own.
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