66L4I have to admit. I am not a fan of carpet. I LOATHE carpeting. My house is a 50/50 combo of wood laminate and carpet. As many know, carpets can hold on to things like stains and dust. I vacuum daily but still felt like there was a bit of a stagnant issue. After all, when you have 2 old dogs, a cat, and 2 three-year-olds things are bound to be spilled and accidents are bound to happen. So I end up using things like baking soda and other powders to freshen up my carpet.

Luckily BISSELL and Febreze have come out with a new Deodorizing Powder! Hawaiian Breeze gives a super fresh scent while clinging to dirt, so when you vacuum it up, the dirt comes up with it. At $3.49 it’s a totally affordable way to freshen up your carpet.

  • 66L4-3-LExperience a deeper clean and add the long-lasting Febreze® freshness of Hawaiian Aloha
  • Cleans up to 3X better than vacuuming alone*
  • Easy-to-use powder refreshes home with a pleasant, long-lasting fragrance
  • Leaves carpets feeling softer
  • The only deodorizing powder endorsed by BISSELL®, the floor-care experts
  • Febreze® Carpet Deodorizing Powder is also available in Thai Dragon Fruit™, Mediterranean Lavender™, and Extra Strength Pet Odor Eliminator

It’s nice to wake up to a fresh Hawaiian Aloha scent (instead of whatever odors may have happened the day before). Sets my whole day off to a good start!

You can find BISSELL Febreze Carpet Deodorizing Powder at most major retailers, including Target, Walmart, and Kmart. You can also order it directly from BISSELL.com!

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