Just because school is starting soon, it doesn’t mean summer is over quite yet. I know that I have a lot of stress happening in between trying to get the kids ready for school, getting sleep, and balancing work and all of the other social responsibilities I have. For some reason all of this “craziness” sometimes makes my body ache which in return makes it hard to sleep. I knew when I was looking for something to help me out at night I needed to stay on budget and I needed it to work.

easy the pain

I’ve tried taking over the counter stuff before to help me sleep better, but eaZZZE THE PAIN really does help relieve the pain. I know several pregnant women who have used this product as well. Now there’s no reason to lay awake and ache.

Here’s a little more about eaZZZe THE PAIN from Healthy Mama.

“Why lay awake and ache? Let us relieve those nighttime aches and pains so you can get some shut-eye, an important element in keeping mama healthy and happy! Gentle on the stomach, eaZZZe The Pain! gets to work fast so you can be off to sleep and sweet dreaming in no time!”

I also love that eaZZZe THE PAIN from Healthy Mama offers these perks:

  • Pregnancy sleep aid and pain reliever
  • eaZZZe The Pain! is not recommended during nursing as it can create sensitivity in infants
  • Always consult your healthcare provider prior to taking any medication while pregnant or nursing.
  • No medication is considered 100% safe during pregnancy or nursing.
  • You can speak directly with an expert on medicine safety by calling OTIS at 1.866.626.6847 or visiting mothertobaby.org, a service provided by OTIS.

The next time you’re in pain from pregnancy or just motherhood in general, you might want to try this product. I sometimes get headaches in the evening and eaZZZe is the perfect choice for me – it’s mild and doesn’t cause my stomach to get upset, plus it gives me a gentle way to fall asleep after a long day of child-chasing.

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