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There’s nothing more annoying than finding all of my space on my iPad used up by my music. The other day I went to get a new app for the kids and ended up having to delete a bunch of stuff just to get it to load.

I am beyond excited to share with you an easy way to store, transfer, and backup your Apple devices – the PhotoFast i-FlashDrive MAX!


  • PhotoFast i-FlashDrive MAX
  • Market leading design and technology
  • World’s smallest iOS & USB 3.0 SuperSpeed flash drive
  • Design led choice over any market competitor
  • Up to 128GB extra storage on iPhone/iPad
  • Speed, security and reliability you can trust from the iOS flash drive technology market leader
  • Store, transfer, backup and stream your data

I was sent the cutest FlashDrive ever – Hello Kitty in 32gb!


Not only is it completely convenient to have, my husband (probably) won’t try to take it from me. The Hello Kitty PhotoFast MAX 32gb FlashDrive is tiny – I can easily stick it in my iPad case so I have it handy when I need to back up my memory.  Seriously small, but packs a punch – this little guy holds 32,000 songs or 200 movies! Perfect for loading my digital movies for on the road.

I love how easy it is to use. I When I pulled it out of the blister pack I plugged it straight into my iPad Mini and a notification popped up asking me to download the app needed to use the FlashDrive. No searching the app store for it! Then it was a matter of following the prompts and plugging it into my computer’s USB port. My computer saw it as data and I accessed my photos super easily.



The Hello Kitty MAX comes in four designs, featuring red, blue and pink models with 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB or 128 GB capacities. Retail prices will begin at $49—almost half the cost of the original PhotoFast MAX—and you can purchase it at: http://shop.photofast.com.


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