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Doin’ the Pidgeon

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Yesterday while in Seaside I saw a flight of pidgeons and it reminded me of a Sesame Street skit with Bert. I told Josh about it and he didn’t remember it. So thanks to the magic of the iphone I youtubed it to show him. for the rest of the day he would “do the pidgeon” every once in a while… I know why I married him šŸ™‚

I love this video…. even though you see Bert’s legs and feet and puppets with feet have always kinda freaked me out…..

Life She Has


  1. That is so funny! I loved the little Ernie and Bert skits and remember "Doing the Pigeon"! My sisters and I used to sing it and dance around the living room when we were little. How fun! And yeah, the weird, flimsy puppet legs are kind of freaky.

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