Yes, I know – I am a week late. Being out of town for 3 days can sometimes lead to a week behind in the rest of my life. Anyway, I have an update from the first week of the Elimination Diet for my dog Molly. Read Week 1 Here


So I think there is some good progress. It took about 3 days to see any changes in Molly but I did started seeing them – her skin wasn’t as red,, she wasn’t scratching or licking nearly as much as she was. Seemed like we were headed in the right direction. That was until she had an anxiety attack.

Molly hates to be left alone, so I try to bring her everywhere I go as long as it’s not a warm day. Since I bought a new car I didn’t necessarily want her to have the run of it while I did things like go to appointments, grocery shopping, etc, to I put her kennel in the back (it’s an SUV) along with her blanket.

Day one was good. We were out and about for around 4 hours and it didn’t seem to bother her (although I know she’s used to riding shotgun so I am sure she was a bit annoyed, but she didn’t show it). Day two I had a longer day – I had to go a couple of hours away for an appointment. My husband was with me and we knew we’d be out of the house for several hours so we took Molly with us. She was fine in the kennel on the ride there.

We parked the car just outside the door of where we would be – in fact I could see the car plainly from inside. My husband went out to check on Molly and let her out every hour. First hours was fine. Second hour – she had started scratching at her ear so hard she made the exterior bleed and the inside red and swollen. I knew it was anxiety, I saw it once before when I was in the hospital giving birth and she was left alone for a few hours at home.

I gave her the sweater I had been wearing and she seemed to calm down – yep, she’s a mama’s girl! By the time we got home she was pretty calm but because she scratched her ear so bad it was swollen. We had gotten home late and decided if it hadn’t gotten better by the morning we would go see the vet. Thankfully after some ice, Benadryl, and a good night’s sleep she was MUCH better by morning. I called her vet anyway and she told me to just keep an eye on it. By the following day it had pretty much returned to normal save for a few small scabs on the outside. Poor doggie…

As far as the Elimination Diet goes – like I said I have noticed a huge change in her condition for the better, so I am pretty confident in our path. I added about 1lb of carrots and 3/4 bag of baby spinach to the 4lbs of turkey and 4lbs of sweet potatoes to see if anything would change and so far it hasn’t.

elimination diet

One thing I did notice is that she looks thinner – which is not necessarily a bad thing if your dog is overweight, but she has never been. I was advised to change my ratios 1 to 2 instead of 1 to 1 turkey/sweet potato so in the next batch I will be using 2lbs of turkey and 4lbs of sweet potatoes along with spinach and carrots. I will also be adding in a banana to the mix.

Here’s hoping Molly continues to be on the road to recovery! Check back Fridays for more updates.