Want to catch up on Molly’s progress? Read Week 1 and Week 2-3!

So week 4 and I am seeing progress.

You can see her skin isn’t nearly as red. She is MUCH calmer. She also has more play energy! So I can tell she is feeling good.

She’s even starting to grow some of her fur back around her eyes and on her nose. Molly is looking less and less like a zombie dog and more like a normal dog.

A full list of changes in Molly since starting her on a home cooked diet:

  • Skin not red/very few hot spots
  • Less nervous licking/scratching/biting
  • More youthful energy (she’s 10 years old this year)
  • No more excessive peeing/pooping – instead of hourly (or so) needing to eliminate, she does every 5 hours or so
  • Pee doesn’t smell horrible
  • Poop is solid and not runny/no diarrhea
  • Starting to gain weight back
  • No fleas – probably not related to the diet but who knows?
  • Seems overall happier!
  • Some part of her skin look a little dry/scaly

Her diet last week:

  • 3lbs cooked ground turkey
  • 6lbs mashed sweet potatoes
  • 1 bag baby spinach

I cooked and mashed the turkey and sweet potatoes together, then added the baby spinach raw to keep the iron high for her. I also added a sliced banana into her breakfast the other day and she hasn’t displayed any adverse reactions to it. I give her about 2 cups in the morning and 2 in the evening (she’s roughly 65lbs).

This week I will be continuing with adding a banana a day to her food and will start giving her a pure Vitamin E capsule for her skin and coat. Come back next week for an update!