It was brought to  my attention this morning that the deal site Daily Steals wrote a rather offensive description to their deal (a kid’s digital camera) that has their customers in an uproar. I did promote this company when they had a freebie, but honestly I am quite offended by the description:

You know what kids love?
Ah kids, everyone’s worst nightmare. They’re terrible to sit next to in pretty much any situation, be it on a bus, on a plane, in a waiting room, etc. Kids are active little creatures that lack the brain capacity to calm themselves in a manner that isn’t explosive. Therefore, the worst situation is being near a kid that does not have the option of running free like a dog or something. Come to think of it, kids are very much like dogs. If dogs had opposable thumbs they would eat like children.

The good thing about kids, however, is that most of them are so stupid that you can just give them something and they’ll be occupied for hours. Like this Disney Pix Click Digital Camera, for instance. You give a kid this and BAM, you don’t have some annoying little thing constantly bugging you to change the channel to an asinine cartoon while you’re trying to concentrate on something you legitimately enjoy. Go ahead, let it outside, let it run around … just make sure you put its collar on in case it gets lost.

As a parent myself I am appalled that a site that is trying to sell a toy would write something so derogatory and dismissive. I can understand if they are trying to be funny or witty, but they really missed the mark. Daily Steals has since changed the description to something about an enchanted land of marshmallows and licorice – which in my opinion seems a bit over the top. Almost a sarcastic response to the backlash on their Facebook page about the original post. Daily Steals has yet to apologize for the original description and offending so many people with it.

What do you think? SHOULD Daily Steals apologize for this description? Or is it all in “good fun” and are parents being too sensitive about it?