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I was sent the Motorola SD-11HD Bluetooth headphones to try out thanks to AT&T.

While I had the headphones, I did find them to be pretty cool while I ran on the treadmill. While they took a bit to get set just right for my head and ears, when I did they fit well and I didn’t have that pesky cord to knock around while I jogged. It was nice! The only thing that bothered me a little was I couldn’t comfortably wear my eyeglasses with them since they go around my ears. But on a treadmill that didn’t bother me – I just took my glasses off. The clarity and volume of the music I blasted was just right for me. I wasn’t really expecting as much noise cancellation but did get a nice degree of it, so I zoned out while I ran. 


Flexible fit, rock-solid sound:

  • Better-than-wired HD sound
  • Featherweight – adjustable, comfortable, and secure fit
  • Durable, sweat-proof design
  • Rapid charge – 15-minute charge provides 3 hours of audio
  • Adjustable back support band for customized fit
  • Includes soft, double-shot ear cushions in multiple sizes
  • Sweat-proof
  • Dual noise-cancellation microphones
  • Voice commands

Here are the pros and cons:


  • no cord to knock out
  • nice clarity of sound and volume
  • Fit snugly with no slipping
  • comfortable
  • Price ($99 MSRP)
  • Compatible with any Bluetooth device


  • Hard to use with glasses
  • takes some time to get adjusted just right
  • buttons in places that I have to search for – not easily identifiable by touch

Would I recommend these? YES. I totally would! For the fact alone of no cord – it’s amazing how much that makes a difference.

You can get the Motorola S-11HD Bluetooth Headphones exclusively online. Buy them at my #1 recommendation AT&T!

*I have to admit. I have been sitting on this review for a while. Not because I wasn’t happy with the Motorola S-11HD Wireless Earbuds. I was actually quite pleased with them. 

It was because I had used them for a couple of weeks. My then-ailing (and now deceased) father-in-law had expressed an interest in trying them out. He had always been into technology (like I am) and wanted to hold onto the thought of a long-term use for headphones, so I gave them to him. Unfortunately he was only able to use them for about 2 weeks before he slipped into a coma and passed on. 

So, naturally, this review has been a hard one to write

While supplied with the item(s) reviewed, I was not otherwise compensated for this post. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.