I do not drink, smoke, or do illicit drugs nor do I condone the use of such substances. But to each
their own.

You are probably wondering why the disclaimer and what it has to do with the DMV. Here it is…

First off I PASSED the smog test!! Woohoo!! And my check engine light hasn’t gone back on yet! A small woohoo on that because I know it won’t last… that’s ok, I need to take ol’ Betty (that’s my car) in for some work, but at least now I don’t have a clock ticking above it and the threat of getting pulled over for registration (again). So YAY. It can wait until after IVF šŸ™‚

I was so excited that I passed I went straight over to the DMV to get my Oregon registration all good and legal. I had Washington plates, but I didn’t think about what my new plates would say. I handed over all of my goodies to the clerk: the form, title, insurance card, smog paper thingie, and check. She hands me back my new plates and stickers. “Yay for 2 year registration!” I think to myself… then I look down at the plates. Oh. Dear. God.

For those who don’t know, the term “420” is known around the U.S. as a term for marijuana possession or appreciation. Now I live in the PNW. Here in Oregon it is a term widely known by all, whether they are into it or not. So cool. I now look like a drug dealer because I just happen to get “420 EEZ”… easy pot here. No, not really.