I love making my own decorations for my house, and when I saw a homemade key hanger, I knew I wanted to make one. We currently have one with a mail holder that we bought for our kitchen, but I thought it would be fun to make one for our living room, should we choose to enter our house through the front door rather than the side door.

I found a cute, decorative picture frame at Hobby Lobby and used my 40% off coupon to get it for $9. The hooks were only $2.99, and I had the scrapbook paper on hand already. I found a cute pattern with circles that should match the shade of green we want to paint our living room. Of course, if it doesn’t, it’s easy to change out! My plan is to cut out an “S” for our last initial to put on it, but I couldn’t find my adhesive machine (I’ve been moving around all my scrapbooking supplies since we created a playroom for our daughter). Once I do, that will be easy to add on and will make it more personal.

It took my husband about five minutes to drill holes in the frame  and attach the hooks. Why is it that my hubby ends up doing most of my DIY projects?? Lol.


I LOVE how it turned out, and I can’t wait to get our living room painted so we can hang it!!

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