This year, we made a handprint menorah for my in-laws, and I knew I wanted to make a handprint reindeer for my parents.

So, this morning, we set Lucy up in the kitchen and went to work. Just like the menorah, this was super easy to make and barely took us five minutes. I’m all about the super easy crafts, especially when it comes to paint.

We painted both of her hands and put them down one at a time so that the thumbs were touching in a line.





I painted a half circle at the bottom for the face and left it to dry. When it was done, I cut a circle out of red scrapbook paper (since I didn’t have red paint) to attach for the nose and then drew two eyes with a Sharpie. And, the finished product:


So stinkin’ cute! I can’t wait to give it to them tomorrow!

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