Hairband holder

I have long-ish hair and I tend to be hot-natured, so I pull my hair up

That means, I have hair bands all over my house from where I’ve taken them off or from where Lucy has left them after playing. I don’t really have anywhere to put them, so they are primarily kept on my night stand or on the bookcase in our bed’s headboard.

Then, I saw this fabulous idea on a website (and, if I could remember which one, I would give them credit here) to make a hair band holder. It is ridiculously easy (I think it took me literally a minute to make) and it’s free if you have scrapbook paper or around 25 cents if you don’t. You can’t get much more frugal than that!Hairband holder

I took an empty toilet paper roll, picked out some scrapbook paper I liked, cut it to the length of the roll and then wrapped it around. That’s it! Easy-peasy. I put the one I made in Lucy’s room (because I have nowhere to put her hair bands either), and it looks super cute next to her headband holder. Now, I need to make one for my room!

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